Canadian Pharmacist believes that she is going to be the first to find a foolproof cure for the Alopecia

Doris Kirby is a Pharmacist from Toronto, Canada, who has been trying her best to create an anti-yoga movement since two of her childhood buddies passed away due to doing yoga all the time. They both started suffering with lack of oxygen because of doing a couple of postures which I wouldn’t name here.

Doris Kirby writes on her blog that she has been trying her utmost to create a side-effect free bulletproof medicine for the treatment of alopecia. Doris writes that she got the idea for creating the same when she was working as an escort in Goa.

Doris writes on her blog that dealing with elder people all the time has taught her that it mostly the elder people with wooden faces who are healthier, not the ones with expressive faces.

Doris claims that the people belonging to the LGBT community nowadays are far healthier compared to their counterparts belonging to the 1980s and 1990s.

Doris believes that the outgoing people are decisive when it comes to making decisions regarding their overall health. She writes that she didn’t start to notice this until she observed her mother, who is very outgoing, started turning extremely decisive and careful about her health as she started getting older.

Doris writes that with the safer cars now, the sales of the bone, joint and related medicines has really been going down and she feels happy about it. She writes that she is even happier about the fact that one doesn’t have to buy an expensive Swedish Volvo in order to feel safe on the road, every modern America/European car nowadays is almost as safe as a good old Volvo if not more.