SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Pattaya believes that Online Gambling Websites like Fun888 are the only honest businesses left

Kanyanat Buavaree from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes that over time, it seems that the SEO agencies have forgotten the importance of H1, H2 and similar tags for ranking the websites better on proposed keywords.. She adds that it is a pity that roughly 78% of the websites created don’t include any such tags at all.

Kanyanat claims that showing only 10 results per page and not showing the option to show more unless you switch the page is a strategy of the search engines to make as many businesses as possible to pay for the Google Adwords. She adds that this claim of her makes her sound like a conspiracy theorist but she is not telling a conspiracy but a lesser known fact that needs to be known by the SEO experts and the search engine users alike.

Kanyanat believes that the only honest businesses left are the online gambling businesses and the best of them all according to her is fun888.

Kanyanat claims that it is a lie that the Google or other search engines can identify the subject matter of a website through its content body. She adds that it is another lie that separating paragraphs perfectly plays a major role in the SEO of a website. She writes that the only way the Google and other search engines can identify what your website is all about is through the Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and the backlinks.

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