Don’t let anybody tell you that Horse Betting in UK can’t make you rich – Cayla Lee

Cayla Lee is an Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Designing expert from Croydon, England, who writes on her blog that perhaps the only way to know for certain that the website where you put your banner on in exchange of money has genuine traffic coming to it is to track if the traffic is being converted or not, there is no other way, just like there is no other way to become rich in this competitive world other than being regular on horse racing betting sites.

Cayla writes that the feed reader has been overall the best RSS and News Aggregator for over a decade now irrespective of how hard and how many times the Google tried to pull its leg as a strategy to make their own software mainstream.

Cayla writes that it is sad and disappointing for any Pre-2010 web user to see how Reddit is now the only popular social news platform and once legends like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious have become almost a history now.

Cayla writes that generating traffic to your website through social media, social news and niche specific shares is an outdated method and doesn’t interest or captivate the users as it once would and doesn’t generate traffic as it once used to either.

Cayla claims that building backlinks with niche specific websites is more important than siloing and the top SEO guys and girls know this but they won’t tell their secret.

Cayla writes that almost all search engines give more priority and importance to the physical and silos than its virtual counterparts but if a site has both physical and virtual silos, that’s considered the best option.

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